Earth Day is Everyday Donation 4/22/24

About Me


Hi there, 

My name is Evy Orozco born & raised in the Southside of Chicago. Nurse by day and candle maker by night. I have a knack for recycling, thrifting & refurbishing second hand items into beautiful pieces. I follow a very eco-friendly lifestyle, keeping the Earth as resourceful as possible is an important message I want to convey through my products. So I decided to combine my passions and created, Oro Apothecary. My products are Chicago based and are done in small batches, hand-poured with 100% natural soy wax. By choosing our products we are working together to help prevent landfills and pollution together. 


Shipping info:

Please note all orders have a processing time of 48-72 hours before they are shipped out with a flat rate shipping fee of $9.99. Please allow 5-7 business days for arrival. All materials used for shipping are reused eco-friendly items. If your item is lost or damaged please contact

Do you take bulk orders?

Yes! We take bulk orders for special events and occasions please contact to inquire for process and pricing. This option is only available for local pick up only. For now, the only available containers are tea cups with a min. order of 30 and max 100.

Are you located in stores?

Yes, currently at side project café. 5139 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL. Follow us for popup events!

Do you do Collab's with other businesses?

Yes, we absolutely love collaborating with our local mom and pop businesses to better serve and support or communities. Please contact to inquire on new projects.